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We design exceptional spaces. We want to surround ourselves with beauty, sophisticated and well-thought out interiors that reflect who we are. We want the same for you. Barbara Nyke, NIKKA DESIGN designs principal based and an experienced interior designer provides modern interior design. “We rely on experience, expertise and impeccable integrity to complete projects on time, on budget and with stunning results”. Though there are many modern interior designers and interior designer firms in Toronto, our exceptional services make us stand out from the crowd. There are certain qualities that an interior designer must possess like he should be creative, innovative, trendy and also cost effective.

Whether you are interested in interior design for your home or outdoor decorating, the experts at NIKKA DESIGN can help. Our Toronto interior design services can help you improve the aesthetic appeal of your home or business. We offer a wide range of services for residential, commercial and corporate clients, including interior decorating, kitchen and bath design, art consulting, custom framing and new build design With the design expertise of our team, you can count on having your home or business look its best.

Outstanding and Value-Added Service from Our Toronto Interior Designers

Our team offers our clients dedicated professional service. If you are looking into Redecorating and renovating your home or business, we can help. If you need guidance when it comes to interior design in a new building, our experts can assist you. If you are interested in improving the appearance of your outdoor, living space, and our team can provide you with expert guidance. We strive to ensure that all clients are able to get the services they want with our Competitive fees.

Work with One of the Top Interior Design Firms Toronto

NIKKA DESIGN has built a reputation as one of the best interior design firms Toronto thanks to our dedication to providing exceptional quality on each and every project. Our commitment to offering outstanding customer service in addition to high quality interior design services has helped us earn that reputation over the years. When you work with us for your home or business, you will be benefitting from our years of experience in the interior decorating and design industry.

Have a look at our exclusive Interior Design Toronto range of services:

  • Interior Decorating & Interior Design planning
  • Outdoor Living Design, Patio Furniture Design Recommendations
    Interior Decorating Toronto, Interior Decorators Toronto, Interior Design Toronto

    Bathroom Design & Renovation

  • Residential, Corporate & Commercial Design
  • Kitchen & Bath Design
  • Computer drawings: 3D Colour images, realistic renderings & Virtual Reality tools
  • Project Management & Renovation
  • Model Homes Design & New Build Design
  • Sustainable Design Consulting
  • Accessible/Universal Design
  • Custom Design: Cabinetry, Furniture, Millwork
  • Sourcing & Selection of furnishings, finishes, etc..
  • Colour and Decor Consultations
  • Art Consulting & Custom Framing
  • Project estimates
  • A successful design outcome for you to help you to:
    “Live Better, Feel Better…by Design.”
New build purchasing consultation

New build purchasing consultation

Contemplating buying a new build from blueprints and can’t visualize how much furniture a 12 ft x 18 ft space can hold? Will your existing furniture fit?
Do you need to choose from a myriad of finishes and fixtures at your New Home Décor Centre and feel overwhelmed?

We guide you through the innumerable design and finishes selections adn provide recommendations for a harmonious design.
Depending on the project size, this typically requires between one to three days of design consultation to review, select and approve all of the home décor options.

Are you wanting to buy that special something at the furniture store, but unsure if it’s the right size and colour?

Barbara can help.

Without having a professionally-designed space plan, it can cost you more than working with a professional designer – We Design Right the First Time for you.  After consulting with you and understanding your functional needs and style preferences, we provide you with strategic recommendations on what to purchase – that will save you time, money and eliminate stress.



Outdoor Living, outdoor furniture, patios, backyard design

Outdoor Living

The trend continues with homeowners wanting to take their indoors outdoors to create inviting, liveable outdoor spaces with much of the same style and functionality and comforts of the home’s interior.

If you want to build a patio, or a landscaped garden you would contact a landscape architect, or a landscape design/build firm.  Their expertise is to provide designed and installed landscaped spaces, but they typically don’t provide design consultation on the exterior décor and design elements of a yard. There’s where we come in.

Like we do for interior design, our exterior decor and design goal is to understand what your functional requirements are: How do you want to use the space? How many people do you want to entertain…? Do you want to watch television outdoors? Is radiant flooring important for you? Do you want a three or four-season backyard? And, if you’re considering building an outdoor kitchen, we can design that for you, too.

Call us for an outdoor decor and design consultation at: 416.720.4081.

We can also help you with your newly landscaped outdoor space by recommending and sourcing these finishing touches that are now look like their interior counterparts: outdoor furniture, durable and stain resistant fabrics, outdoor rugs, decorative outdoor-rated lights, etc.  All available in traditional or modern styles.

We work as a team with Landscape Architects and Landscape Designers to complete the look of a yard: