I enjoyed this bathroom interior design renovation and the chance to feature some subtle references to the rich cultural heritage of Morocco and its architecture.
My client was looking for something of the exotic in her bathroom, an ambience that would feel like a departure from the rest of her home by way of saturated hues and some dramatic touches.

My inspiration for this transformation was the fuschia-coloured tile that I found..This set the tone for the rest of the design concept to build upon. 

From there, I wanted to use wallpaper to add another layer of warmth and visual interest. The only design element that I knew I wanted was a leaf pattern; beyond that, I left it open to the possibilities.

I looked through many wallpaper books…then I found this beauty.. This was it.
It also happened to perfectly complement the fuschia tile that would line the shower walls.

My next step was to source a backsplash and wall tile to surround the vanity and wrap around the adjacent wall connecting it with the new one-piece apron skirt toilet – the smooth-sided toilet with no ugly pipe profile exposed. Smooth sides allows for complete cleaning as well.

I had known of an arabesque tile that would be ideal for this project; and it’s one of the major motifs of¬†Biomorphic art, (also known as Islimi, nebati, Arabesque).¬† Islimi designs are biomorphic, floral patterns representing the underlying order and unity of nature. Islimi designs tessellate across the surface with an even rhythm and texture. No part of the design takes precedence and pushes to the foreground; the designs vibrate and oscillate evenly, undulating like the sea.
[Notated from: “Biomorphic Art, The Art of Arabesque, by Adam Williamson].

From here the rest was smooth sailing – select a 48″ wide floating vanity. This style gives the impression that there’s more space in a small bathroom – always a good thing.

I also sourced a modern bathtub with a rectilinear form that was deeper and with an interior length that was longer, allowing our client to comfortably soak in the tub with her legs extended.

Some of the finishing touches were the faucet and the bathroom door handle in a matte black finish coupled with towel bars in a champagne gold finish. These are perfect visual candy set against the rich backdrop.

I chose the floor tile last. I knew that I wanted the wall tiles and wallpaper to have centre stage – this made the decision easy then to select a floor tile that was neutral, both in colour and to be pattern-free.

When I found this warm white, non-slip, large-format tile that it reminded us of the sands in Agadir in a faraway place called Morocco…

Think of what will inspire you for your bathroom interior design renovation?

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