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The Design Consultation

Dining Room Sideboard Interior Decorating


The first step of the NIKKA DESIGN process first consultation is a two-hour working session at your home.

The goal is to learn about your project scope and your functional requirements. Some areas we discuss are:
how do you need each of the rooms in your home to work for you?
What is and is not working for you – what needs to change?
How can I help to improve your home?

The consultation is also an opportunity to bluesky the possibilities for your home…

I would provide you with interior design &/or interior decorating recommendations for your top main design dilemmas.

The Design Consultation could include the following professional interior design recommendations:

-space-planning recommendations
-one or more hand-drawn sketches of space layouts
-recommendations for kitchen design
-recommendations for bathroom design
-estimate of project costs
-feedback to your ideas
-discussion of project timelines
-a written summary of my recommendations

Please contact me for scheduling & fees.