Take It Outdoors


Increase the enjoyment and value of your home with a professionally-designed outdoor retreat.¬† The design and decor can be treated an extension of your home’s style.

The same design process applies for your outdoor space as it does for designing the inside of your house. It starts with defining the use of the spaces and then creating outdoor spaces complete with floors, walls and floating ceilings/or sun shading.

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Homeowners are investing in their outdoor rooms by choosing from a range of furniture styles to complement their indoor style, installing outdoor kitchens, incorporating entertainment zones, and including other outdoor amenities to make a three or four-season oasis.

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“Where do you start?” Start with these questions:


  • What do you want to use your backyard for?
  • Who will be using it?
  • Do you want a 3 or 4-season retreat?
  • What is your list of needs and wants?
  • What do you want in the short term vs. long-term planning?
  • Do you want a pool, a hot-tub, a cabana, etc..?
  • Do you want to extend your house? Are you thinking of adding a patio roof?
  • Investment: Are you thinking of investing 5K, 20K, 100K, or more?


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We partner with Landscape Professionals to design and install kitchens, barbeque islands, pools, hot-tubs, cabanas, pergolas, trees & plants, lighting and more.

What does a Certified Landscape Designer do (CLD)?
This professional has a strong background in horticulture.

What’s the role of a Landscape Contractor (LO)?
An individual or team that’s responsible for physically building, installing and maintaining the built landscape.

How about a Landscape Architect (OALA)?
A licensed individual who focuses on the planning, urban design, architecture, horticulture, botany, ecology and the design of public/private spaces.