A well-designed kitchen enables each person to easily use and access all aspects of the kitchen.  In this case, one of the homeowners has M.S., multiple sclerosis, and uses a walker and a wheelchair.
Condo Kitchen

Designing with living in place in mind incorporates a  sink with no cabinetry below – not shown here – to make it easy for this person to roll up to the sink and have legspace underneath for ergonomic comfort and ease of use.

Other living in place design features include:
-cabinet handles that are deep enough to grab,
-a breakfast bar to either use with the shown chairs, or for wheelchair use as well
-sufficient drawers to store regular everyday items to easily access from a walker and a wheelchair.
-Since this homeowner uses the microwave daily, a space for it was designed into the peninsula cabinetry.

We design for our clients’ individual needs by understanding their functional requirements above all.

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The Covid lockdown hit right when we completed the installation. Unfortunately, we haven’t yet been able to return to get professional photos..And I wasn’t able to get the finicky glass shades on the pendant before this shot was taken.

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