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OUTDOOR LIVING is so exciting!! There are many options to consider…

As in fashion, interior and outdoor decorating and design is available for all budgets.  The burgeoning #outdoorliving trend for 2016 sees homeowners wanting to take their indoors…outdoors — to create inviting, liveable spaces with much of the same style, functionality and comforts of their home’s interior.

#outdoorliving #patios #outdoors #outdoorfurniture

#outdoorliving #patios #outdoors #outdoorfurniture

If you’re looking to redesign the interior living spaces of your home, you would call an interior design professional. Likewise, if you to build a walkway, patio, or new complete outdoor living area, you would contact a landscape architect or a landscape design/build firm. But typically landscape professionals don’t cross over to the “exterior decor and design” of the space.

As a result, homeowners often find themselves left with a beautiful patio, pergola, outdoor kitchen area or lounging zone —alongside lush planting beds with shrubs and trees—but none of the warm, inviting and soft finishes found in their home’s interior. Their new outdoor spaces still need to be appointed.  That’s where we come in! We’re outdoor decorators – We can:


  • a space plan for your backyard
  • bring your interior design outdoors > we can design your outdoor space to almost replicate and always complement the interior decor
  • design custom outdoor kitchens to include: grills/bbq, teppanyaki grills, wine fridges, beer taps, margarita bar, dishwashers….
  • radiant flooring
  • appropriate furniture styles
  • stylish, stain-resistant and durable fabrics: modern, traditional, eclectic patterns
  • outdoor decorative lighting
  • shading: sunshades, curtains, privacy screens
  • outdoor rugs
  • decorative planters
  • lounge areas with outdoor-rated TVs
  • more….

We work alongside Landscape Architects and Landscape Designers to help you: DESIGN | BUILD | DECORATE .

As with any interior decorating and design project, you’ll want to consider the following design elements for your new backyard. Watch for more outdoor design features in our next issue.

Do you want to entertain with your family and friends in an updated backyard?
If space allows, consider a gazebo for a screened-in retreat, or a pergola over the outdoor kitchen and/or seating areas to provide much shade. Perhaps now is the time to have a cabana complete with a Tiki-styled bar! Have fun with it!

#outdoorliving, #patios

#outdoorliving, #patios

Furniture & Fabric

Nowadays, outdoor furniture options resemble that of indoor furniture – whether your style is modern, traditional, funky or eclectic, there are innumerable options to choose from.  With classics like cast iron, wicker and modern choices like aluminum,
stainless steel and rubber! together with limitless fabric options.

Beware – Not all outdoor fabric is equal! Although there’s a wide range of patterns, colours, textures and prices now available – it’s important to know what to look for and invest in – today’s bright red could very look like a badly faded pale peach next summer after it’s left out in the elements. Know what you’re buying to avoid buying again.

If space allows, having formal seating areas clustered together makes a backyard versatile enough to accommodate small, intimate parties or larger gatherings.  Include an informal and stylish European-inspired                                                                                                                                                   bistro seating area to make a lovely place to enjoy your latté.

Outdoor furniture, Hanging chair, backyard design, outdoor living

Outdoor furniture, Hanging chair, backyard design, outdoor living

Then add something fun: Hanging furniture is also available in a variety of styles. Regardless of the choice, choose wisely and settle in because there’s no better place from which to take in the view and enjoy your newly transformed backyard!

No host wants to be running back and forth to their indoor kitchen, try and barbeque without burning the food and then also lose out on time with guests – Consider adding an outdoor cooking area, where you can prep, grill and party all at the same time.

Furnish your backyard with a customized outdoor kitchen that goes beyond the standalone gas grill.  A luxury outdoor retreat now offers so many options: pizza ovens, rotisserie racks, smokers, and teppanyaki grills and mounted outdoor TVs – anything the serious backyard barbecue aficionado could desire!

Cooling and clean up is easy by adding:  a stainless steel fridge with ice maker, a wine cooler, a dishwasher and stainless steel cabinets ensure that everything is within reach and sealed.  Adding a pool? Create a real tropical getaway feeling with a built-in swim-up pool bar and outdoor shower, too.

outdoor kitchen


swim up #pool bar, #outdoorliving, #patios, #outdoorkitchens

swim up #pool bar, #outdoorliving, #patios, #outdoorkitchens