If you’re planning a decorating revamp this year, tell us about your design inspiration at #NIKKADESIGNyourstyle

One of NIKKA DESIGN’s preferred vendors of fabulous wallcoverings and sumptuous fabrics – @CrownWallpaper –  is showcasing new products that are right on trend for 2015.

What’s your style? Sometimes homeowners will start decorating their homes without really stopping to ask some key questions:

  • What do I really want to surround myself with?
  • How do I want to feel in each of my rooms, like my living room, bedroom, office, etc…?
    >ie: cozy? inspired? relaxed? energized?
  • How much stuff do I really need in this space? What can I edit out of the space? etc…

So, here are some stunning visuals to consider..

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a. Cottage meets city by combining simple architectural details and organic materials with neutral colour palettes. OR,
b. Tailored and edited modern look that is minimal yet luxurious. OR,
c. Mixing patterns, colours and styles to create a look that is classic and comfortable with a touch of whimsy. OR,
d. A Global look that incorporates exotic textures, pops of colour, Latin inspired textiles and artisanal products…?

CW british eclecticCW south am fusion

CW artful refinementCrown Wallpaper - modern farmhouse