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The NIKKA DESIGN process starts with a consultation either in person at your home, or as an online consultation due to Covid.

I would provide you with interior design &/or interior decorating recommendations for your top main design dilemmas.

The goal is to learn about your project scope and your functional requirements.
It’s an opportunity to brainstorm all possible ideas for your home so that we ultimately design right the first time.

Some areas we discuss are:
How do you need each of the rooms in your home to work for you?
What is and is not working for you?
What are your functional needs?

There are other benefits to the consultation that you receive. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you with your project.


The Design Consultation could include the following professional interior design recommendations:

-space-planning recommendations
-one or more hand-drawn sketches of space layouts
-recommendations for kitchen design
-recommendations for bathroom design
-estimate of project costs
-feedback to your ideas
-discussion of project timelines
-a written summary of my recommendations

Please contact me for fees.

Dining Room Decoration
Seating area