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Are you planning to move into a condo?
Are you downsizing and don’t know what will fit into your condo?
Perhaps your new condo needs some renovation to maximize space and to be customized to your needs and style?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any or all of these questions, then you could benefit from our condo interior design services.

We have the experience of designing condominium interiors for our clients. With the typically small size of condo units, every square foot needs to be optimized; or if you’re lucky enough to be in a larger condo suite, maybe you don’t know how to fill in all the space.

We have designed new spacious kitchens in condos from what appeared to be an impossible feat because of the old and cramped layout. We’ve designed condos with multi-purpose furniture to help multi-task with changing needs.

We assess your functional requirements for each room and space to understand how you need your new home to work for you.
>What is the room to be used for? How many people will be using the space?
>Does the room need to be a multi-use space?
>How can we optimize the square footage to its maximum potential without it feeling cramped?

Most new condo units are approximately 500 – 1000 sf. making every square foot valuable space to be used as efficiently as possible without sacrificing on style. 
That’s where we can help you to Design Right The First Time.