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Barbara Nyke runs NIKKA DESIGN, a professional interior design boutique firm in Toronto.  We specialize in creating beautiful, curated interiors for condos, houses and commercial projects. 

Are you moving to a condo? Read about our Condo Interior Design & Decorating Services.  Do you need help furnishing your house? Are you thinking of a renovation?Probably you need our interior design and interior decorating services.  

We work on small decorating projects through to large-scale house renovations.  All projects begin with an interior design consultation working session.  Book an appointment with Barbara today to get your project started.                

“An interior is the natural projection of the soul.” Coco Chanel

We specialize in creating designs that are customized for you, your lifestyle, budget and needs and wants.

Our main goal is to design your space to make it feel that it`s a reflection of you.

All of our projects begin with an interior design consultation – or as we prefer to call it, a design working session. It produces results.
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Barbara was just such a pleasure to work with from beginning to end – keeping our vision and lifestyle needs at the forefront.
Stephanie & Marc
Mississauga, Interior Design & Renovation